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Household Storage Services

Are you travelling and looking for a short term solution? Need some extra space in your life? Moving Homes? Leaving the country or need a place to keep your bags, suitcases or some boxes. Storagians stores all your personal items at very attractive prices providing the great value for your goods.

 Consumer Durable Storage

Our Consumer Durable Storage services allows our Customers to store all their consumer durables at one safe location. Consumer durables that can be stored includes TV, Refrigerator, Washing machine, Computer Systems etc;

 Personal Storage

Our Personal Storage facilities are designed specifically to store your personal belongings with our standard packaging units at optimum cost. We are offering you everything you could imagine to keep your personal items secure and protected in one convenient location.

 Complete Home Storage

Packing and saving of all household goods. Are you in between homes and need a place to keep your things? Are you traveling abroad for long duration? Are you worried about the storage and safety of your belongings? Our Personal storage solutions would best fit your requirement by providing you with an individual space just for you. We’ll pick it up, pack it and securely store it at one of our storage facilities of your choice.

 Household Storage Highlights

  • Small, Medium, Large Storage Solutions
  • Customized solutions just for you
  • Air-conditioned and Non-Air-conditioned Solutions
  • 24 hour Access
  • Proper Maintenance of consumer durables