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 Automobile Storage

Do you own a Car? or Bike?
Are you traveling and need somewhere to keep your vehicle while being away in a safe and secure facility? Need extra parking space?

People use automotive storage for a variety of reasons. Some use it to store a classic car that they just drive occasionally. Some use it to store a car long term while going overseas.

Our facilities work best for you. Whether it’s a bike or car, we have the space for it. Our vehicle storage facilities will best suit your needs. Get in touch with one of our vehicle storage consultants to help you with your inquiry.

For those who plan to store their vehicles long term and do not want to worry about maintenance, we offer vehicle services such as: weekly checks for fluid leaks, tire pressure, and battery levels to ensure your vehicle stays in pristine condition.

 Automobile Storage Highlights

  • Regular ignition intervals
  • Customized solutions just for you
  • Drivers to drive the vehicle on behalf of you
  • Free Emission test for all two wheelers
  • Free Water wash for all two wheelers
  • Insurance renewal for two wheelers, on demand basis
  • Free vehicle check-up before delivery.